Concentration Fatigue for Deaf People

By Malinda Jorgensen

Deaf people with hearing aids and cochlear implants or even people who don’t have hearing assistance have to rely on lipreading and/or auditory skills. They have to do that every moment of every day. That can be very tiring, because they have to work harder to listen to people, take in information, fill in words, THEN think of an answer to the questions the teacher asks. Basically, they have to work HARDER than hearing people to gather information in different situations. By the end of the day, they are very tired and ready to pass out. But… it’s not their fault.

According to an article on Limping Chicken, concentration fatigue is pretty common for deaf people. The author of the article is profoundly deaf, and in this article, he clearly states that he struggles with it in the workplace. Honestly, I struggle with it during high school and college.

I used a FM system and an interpreter in high school, but I was still tired at night. My parents made me go to bed at 10 o’clock every night, because they knew that I needed my sleep because of me listening all day. I had to listen to my high school friends talk to me, and I had to listen to my teachers talk to the class. I guess it was pretty exhausting, but I feel like I’m even more exhausted when it comes to college. I have no interpreter (didn’t want one). I just have a FM system and remote captioning, so I guess you can say that I rely on my hearing more than I did in high school. In addition to hearing the teacher with the remote captioning and the FM system, I have to listen to other students in a class discussion. I have to concentrate hard to understand what they are saying since the FM and the remote captioning don’t really pick them up.

As you can imagine, by the end of the day, I’m pretty exhausted. The latest I have been up is midnight, and there are some days when I have to take a short nap to refresh my exhausted brain.

So I say to you people out there that deaf people, especially me, need some rest time from time. And remember being deaf is not their fault necessarily, so having concentration fatigue is not their fault either. It just comes with being deaf in a hearing world.


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